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List of Workshops


Below is a list of some of the workshops Donna has developed and presented.  Workshops can be tailored to your group and time contraints. 

The Day Camp Spectacular

This workshop provides great ideas for a spectacular day camp program.  This class covers purpose, organization, financing and programming aspects of executing a successful day camp.

Puppetry & Illusions

Introductory courses offered are: Basic Ventriloquism, Black Light in Puppetry, & Basic Puppetry Techniques.  More advanced workshops: Puppet Rehearsal and the Organized Puppet Director.  Hands-on workshops: Hands-on Black Light Puppets where participants create their own black light puppet and Illusions You Can Make and Use.


Would you believe you can use oven mitts, sand, toothpaste and instant snow to teach the Bible? The Creative Bible Workshop is sure to give you ideas to make the Bible come alive using fun, games, drama and objects that will grab the kids’ attention and get your workers creative juices flowing.


In the Moments of Ministry workshop, you will learn how to use illusions, drama and object lessons to keep kids attention and teach concepts.


Have a child that is hard to reach, difficult or acting up? The Managing Your Classroom with Love workshop is designed for you.  This workshop teaches techniques to enable you to better manage your classroom and make a positive impact.


Other ministry workshops include: Teaching Parents to Raise Pure Kids, Effective Prayer, & Follow-up Techniques for Outreach.



Learn how to mentor and train the next generation with the Avodah workshop.  In this workshop you will learn how to etablish and lead a children's leadership team.  Learn how to inspire your team to develop a closer relationhsip with God, motivate them to become powerful leaders and get involved with ministry.  The Discipling Your Ministry Team workshop offers tips on how to communicate well with your ministry team.


A practical lesson with great ideas on how to decorate, design and build sets is offered in the Decorating and Set Design workshop. 


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