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Incredible, fast-paced presentations can be tailored to your group, theme, venue and time constraints. Each presentation mixes a variety of performing arts, creativity and fun that will inspire and teach kids.


Donna Boone and her puppets
Donna Boone workshops

Donna is an experienced and dynamic communicator and teacher.  She conducts workshops, training and teaching events on a variaty of topics including ministering to children, using multi-media and performaing arts tools.  For a full description of workshops click here.

Donna can assist your team in building a more effective ministry to children.  She has developed organizational and ministry systems which can aid small and large churches, camps and community groups in program delivery and operations.  Whether working with staff or volunteers, Donna can provide assessments, recommendations and/or training, that will enable you to get the most out of your resources and create a program and environment that kids will love!

Donna Boone consulting

"Donna and her team bring creativity, biblical truths and the love of Christ to Makaway camp. Through the use of dramas, dance, ventriloquism, and puppets, every child and adult leaves changed by the power of the Holy Spirit. In all my years of camp ministry, I have yet to encounter such an inspiring itinerant children’s pastor and ministry team."

Chantelle Harink, Co-Founder of Camp Makaway, Alberta

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